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He pulls up to her old house
His car so big without his spouse
He gives a ring on the doorbell
The house is in good shape to sell

The door creaks, he steps inside
The house where his honey died
Cobwebs adorn the chandeliers
Nobody has lived here for years

In the front hall, a statue stands
Of his wife with outthrust hands
Her marble face is freezing cold
Next week it will all be sold

He calls out, there’s no reply
The air is both damp and dry
Off somewhere, a rat squeals
The floor wet and the wall peels

He’ll fix it up, and make it nice
Worthy of a hefty price
In the study, he finds a phone
Feeling like he’s not alone

In the second floor’s study
Everything's all dark and muddy
On the desk is the house deed
As he dials, he starts to read

And just as he’s dialing the phone
He hears a painful piercing moan
He sniffs the air, and in the room
He can smell his wife’s perfume

Uneasy now, he steps outside
In the hall, he sees his bride
Dressed in white, stained in red
No teeth or eyes were in her head

She points to where her chest is scarred
He runs in terror to the yard
Outside now, he slams the gate
Shakes his head, to help think straight

In the yard, vines from the ground
Over the years grew around
As the house slowly decays
Nature keeps it tucked away

As he walks, our hero’s boot
Catches on a nearby root
Our hero trips and hits his head
When he wakes up, he’s in her bed

He’s thinking of an explanation
For his strange hallucination
Just a week since she passed on
He won’t believe that his wife’s gone

He walks along the old damp floor
Admiring the expensive décor
Wandering and still amazed
That this is where his wife was raised

She was used to finer things
Gold jewelry and diamond rings
Her family was always rich
The plan went off without a hitch

A portrait rests upon the wall
In the giant entrance hall
It shows her, she’s singing proud
For a silent theater crowd

He thinks back to when she sung
Remembering when she was young
As memories slip slowly by
The portrait turns, and winks her eye

He shakes his head, and looks once more
The portrait normal as before
And just as he thinks something’s wrong
He hears her sing her lovely song

Coming from the house’s halls
Echoing across the walls
He hears her pretty little voice
And follows it, though not by choice

Pursuing the tune, in a trance
Remembering his old romance
It leads him to the basement door
Then he hears her song no more

He puts his ear against the wall
And can’t hear his wife at all
From down there come the sounds
Against the door, something pounds

“Let me out”, a dead voice moans
A voice to chill and shake your bones
Our hero shakes and asks “who’s there”
“It’s your wife, with golden hair”

“Now open up this cellar door
We’ll be together like before”
At the door it starts to claw
The door splinters open like straw

He runs in fear to the main hall
Behind him he hears her call
In the hall, the statue twitches
“You killed me for all the riches!”

The marble statue turns its head
From its chest, the statue bled
The statue of her vanity
Now drove him to insanity

This gives him such a surprise
He shrinks back and hides his eyes
“No my love, it isn’t true!
I wouldn’t do that to you!”

The statue with one marble limb
Takes a heaving step towards him
He runs for the door in the back
The cellar door begins to crack

From the cellar bursts a shape
The yard’s door is his escape
He kicks at it with all his might
But the vines keep it shut tight

He falls onto the cold damp floor
Propped against the garden door
He watches her across the room
Laying there, accepting doom

In the shadows, in her dress
He gives up, and does confess
“Yes my love, I murdered you
I hid you in the cellar too”

“I came here to get the deed
Driven on by simple greed
But now at last I do concede
I felt guilt watching you bleed”

She steps closer, he feels a chill
Plants wilt on the windowsill
She smiles knives, and his love
Steps beneath the light above

As she steps into the light
His scream echoes into the night
His body was never found
But still at night, he makes that sound

To this day, the house still stands  
Resting in her husband’s hands
Worth double it’s weight in gold
But it never has been sold

The vines have grown over the door
Nobody lives there anymore
Should you want to buy, beware
They say that it is haunted there
I wanted to write a halloween poem! So I did... and yes, it has nods to the likes of Edgar Allen Poe... H.P. Lovecraft... Clive Barker (think hard on that one)...and maybe even Stephen King. and YES this one is a BEAST of a poem.. it's long... very very long.... but like with the final legend poem... I couldn't bring myself to cut it down. So, if you tend to lose interest partway through... leave now :P. Everyone else, enjoy! and commmmment!
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minuitserenite Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
i read this in the poetryplease contest and i actually kinda freaked out while reading it. haha it gave me the chills. xD

AceOSpades Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
Wow thanks! Mission accomplished then! Glad you enjoyed it ... did you vote for me? :D hehe ... thanks for the comment, I love 'em.
minuitserenite Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
ys. 3 points =)
AceOSpades Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
Whoa all three? Thanks... and thanks for the fave too... wow, thanks for confessing that you were scared, it means alot! I'll have to check out your gallery! :)
yangxiaomei Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2004   Writer
woa i love it!! very nice. waaay awsome..i loved how there's such a well developed story that can be told in poetry format..well done.
fire-foxie Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2004  Student General Artist
way cool i loved it!! ^_____^
AceOSpades Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2004
This poem won the halloween poem contest at ... woo hoo! Thanks guys :).
LostNSilence Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004   Writer
it is very long yet very worth it!!! awesome story!!!! aah!
lost0broken8confused Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004   Photographer
Ohh I love it! Edgar Allan Poe-ish without all the big words. I love the gory-ness of Poe's works, so naturally that poem rocks!! :hug:
Aegeaneyelash Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004
Wow! This is incredible!
The rhyme and rhythm kept throughout is insane!
Wow! I :worship: you!
:clap: Definitely a favorite!!
AceOSpades Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004
Hey thanks!! I'll have to check out your gallery
Aegeaneyelash Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004
Oh :blushes: I will not be able to compare to the product that you produce... but I hope you enjoy anyways!
AceOSpades Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004
Oh you flatter me! But thank you.. and I love your icon! ... mind if I add you on aim?
Aegeaneyelash Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004
Oh, how I definitely would not mind! I'm honored that such a wonderful poet would "watch" me as well! Wow! I :worship: you! Thank you so much... You deserve much praise for your talents! :hug:
AceOSpades Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004
- moved to horror + macabre section
- Just figured out that this is my longest (uncut) poem... the final legend was shorter
- Originally.. the girl was going to be mary sinclair (blonde hair... white dress stained red..), but then I would have been tempted to constantly rhyme with "sinclair" and write it in the other rhythm...
AudInk Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004  Student Traditional Artist
:D holy crap that's the bestest halloween poem yet! and and and, the damp house :D ... I still havn't finished reading the clive baker story :S .. I need t do that. But this is really good... and I really thought he was a good guy, lol ._. :doh: and tho it's wealllly long you always seem to make up for it with the decripptions Hehe and it actully goes by quickly ya know.. well it did for me cause I got all into it... ohhh and i reallly like this stanza *points*

“I came here to get the deed
Driven on by simple greed
But now at last I do concede
I felt guilt watching you bleed” I dunno it's great and ya know he's gonna get his ass kicked :-P ehehe mmm yeah it's really good tho and I can see your inspiration from the horror authors and poets. :claps:
BloodCurdler Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004
yay a halloween poem , and more importantly a good one tis is definitly a :+fav:
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