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Minecraft - A Poem
My destiny has always been mine to craft.
I began here alone
in this quiet cubic wilderness,
where I built tools
and tools built dreams.
Unlike the content cows
and the primitive pixelated pigmen,
I must make more of myself
and carve castles from these caves
I dug a tiny little hole,
a Notch inside the massive earth,
in six long days of digging
I had enough material for my masterpiece.
I built cobblestone ramparts
and glass minarets
that stretch up to the square sun,
overlooking the lava moat.
I conquered the land
surrounding my kingdom.
The animals have all been tamed,
and the creepers, systematically exterminated.
While wandering past the jukeboxes,
the subterranean swimming pool,
and the bejewelled glowstone statues,
I'm reminded that I literally have it all.
As I look out (from my obsidian lookout) over all that is mine,
over all my achievements,
a realization strikes my heart
through my plated diamond armor.
I've built everything
a reason to live here.
There's not a block f
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 1 1
Relationship Games
It was a shock to the system
when she interrupted my second playthrough of Skyrim
to talk to me seriously.
She explained that she was the problem,
that I was fantastic,
and really, anyone would be lucky to have me,
and that I'll find someone else to make happy.
I took her seriously.
I mean, we had lots of experience together,
she had no reason to lie.
When she left me, all I had
was my video games,
and the memories
of the perfect boy I used to be.
So, because I was not the problem,
all I needed was a new girl.
Life is a series of deterministic systems.
If I had it right before, I can remain perfect,
reach the same ideal combination of variables
and maintain my winning streak.
I met a girl, and maxed the charm.
I'm an expert boyfriend,
master league cuddlemancer,
thoughtful, caring, sweet, considerate,
and best of all, I'm humble.
I took my new date to the same locations
that I used to go to with her,
the park, the fair, the waterfront,
like a second playthrough,
as we slowly increased
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 1 1
The Ventriloquist
As we sat in his dusty apartment,
the ventriloquist hacked up a cough, and began:
"There's no point in you being here. You'll just leave
disappointed and…. disturbed."

I answered that I was a world famous magician
and that I wanted to learn a ventriloquist trick,
to help me speak with a voice from offstage
to heighten the climax
of my spooky spirit act.
The old ventriloquist shook his bald head
and sighed,
"You don't want this gift.
The secrets of the Voice
don't belong in your show".

I was drawn to the word "secret".
I had to learn it.
Something inside me wanted to know.
I told him to name his price, any price!
Just teach me.
I didn't realize until later that I had insulted him.
He began,
"You're not understanding... but you will.
Ventriloquism is not simply
learning how to throw your voice
and speak with your lips still."

I went to interrupt, but he stopped me.
My art is about losing your real voice
to something horrible,
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 2 2
A Movie With Pod People
We watched the film together,
An ancient sci-fi masterpiece.
Where people's bodies are taken,
snatched, if you will,
and replaced by hollow duplicates.
These strange and foreign monsters
look just like you or me,
but can't feel emotions.
They just pretend to,
They only feel a dull, somewhat flat,
mildly content sensation.
And the urge to make you not be you.
To make you them, instead.
A great film, to be sure.
Though perhaps a bit dated….
And as the tooth-white credits roll,
Upon the darkened screen,
I look around the room,
Seeing only the silhouettes
Of strange and foreign monsters.
A room of hollow duplicates,
Pretending in the dark.
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 2 0
A Lonely Cellmate
Beneath the burning city's core,
Technicians built a cell.
They made it in the Endless War,
A place for spies to dwell.
Now they rent out certain parts,
To "private enterprise".
It says so on their finance charts,
That's signed on dotted lies.
No footage has escaped from there,
No human beings, too.
But stories flutter through the air,
And this, I'll share with you.
They say the room is perfect white,
A sickly, spotless tint.
Lit up by fluorescent light,
Designed to make you squint.
The walls are all so bright and plain,
The edges disappear.
It fools the eye, and then the brain,
No shapes or shadows here.
You'll wake up dressed to match the walls,
And feel both numb and sore.
You'll never see the outside halls,
There is no prison door.
But this is not some simple place,
With bars to stand behind.
It's not about the empty space,
For they have trapped your mind.
Four walls, and that hueless hue,
The rest of it is bare.
At first, this might seem fine to you,
But you were never there.
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 1 2
The Town of Melvin
There was a tiny little town, in southern Illinois.
All the shops were running down, with no one to employ.
The wind that carries speckled sand had stained the buildings brown.
Everyone had left this land, and left it falling down.
There was a man, one foolish man, who still remained behind.
A little thought, a crazy plan, inside his lonely mind.
With a hammer and some wood, and just his dusty van,
First he wondered if he could, but then he just began.
Melvin worked beneath the sun, until his fingers bled,
Until the day that he was done, he never went to bed.
The town of Melvin had been built, a place where there was none,
A village made upon the silt, the population : one.
He gazed upon his town with awe, and walked to get a drink,
The empty bar was all he saw, so then he had to think.
There was nobody here to work, his project had a flaw,
Each petty job without a clerk, no government or law.
Melvin feared his town would fall, just like the one before,
Where lack of interest broke eac
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 0 3
ON-line Dating
A boy and girl, both twenty four,
They've dated for a bit.
Each one loves the other more,
Than other would admit.
I think she stays up late at night,
Right next to him in bed.
She surfs around a dating site,
To stay one step ahead.
A scandal! Yes, you wanna hear?
She's found another man.
At this point, it's not sincere,
There is no evil plan.
There were so many choices there,
The harrys, toms, and dicks.
She chose one with raven hair...
Eight inches in the pics.
But dear reader, it's okay!
For he has secrets too.
He surfs around, but in the day,
Oh, if she only knew!
He found a blonde, a knockout blonde,
With brown hair at the root.
She had no choice but to respond,
He said her tits were cute.
This is cheating, some would say,
But I would say it's not.
It isn't cheating 'till the day,
That one of them is caught.
What if she was the blonde brunette,
And he, the other dude?
What if there was no other threat,
Just people getting screwed?
Their online selves are tailor made,
For jealousy a
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 0 2
Project Testing Cell
Single, sterile, spotless square,
Inside a checkered floor.
Things focus in, I saw it there,
And then I saw some more.
A woman, dressed in nurse's white,
She's thin and blonde and tall.
I try to move, I'm fastened tight.
I'm bolted to the wall.
I look around, it's all too clean,
Too shiny and too clear.
I quickly knew this had to mean,
There's something awful here.
I've heard of rooms like this before.
Nomadic stories tell.
It's rumored, in the city's core,
The project testing cell.
Recorders click, and start to run.
The nurse, she clears her throat,
"Testing fluid thirty one",
Some blood is on her coat.
She speaks aloud, but not to me,
As if I am not there.
She's doing something I can't see,
While speaking to the air.
"Fluid thirty had a flaw
Once in the subject's head,
Administered into the jaw
It froze his blood instead".
Now the nurse steps into view
With something in her grip.
A thick syringe, that's tinted blue,
And dripping from the tip.
She meets my eyes, and sees the fear.
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 2 1
Mature content
Parasite :iconaceospades:AceOSpades 2 3
Alone at Night
There's a certain time of night,
When everyone's alone.
Even with their lovers tight,
In dreams, they're on their own.
Then, there is the other group,
Both stranded and awake.
Trapped outside the daily loop,
By some divine mistake.
I am one such weakened mind,
With countless nights to spend.
It didn't take me long to find,
A certain special friend.
The ghosts, they keep me sane at night.
The cold and restless dead.
They flicker in and out of sight,
And float above the bed.
Their faces as they would have been,
When life was snatched away.
A horrid mask that must be seen,
With everything they say.
Most of them can't talk too well,
With jaws as stiff as stone.
It seems that on their way to hell,
They only scream and moan.
I thought that they were blind to me,
and merely passing through.
But one of them began to see,
That I was in there too.
With baggy eyes that yearned to close,
And teeth that hung in air.
He looked at me, and at my clothes,
And couldn't help but stare.
He croaked out wor
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 5 4
The painted Door
Tell me, what's the purpose for
A camel oil painted door?
To represent the lengthened square,
The one we always knew...
or be the door that's always there,
But never ventured through?
A painter, in the attic, late,
He tries too keep the edges straight.
His family thinks he's lost his mind,
They leave him there alone.
For weeks up there, he's been confined,
A chilly comfort zone.
He thinks that if he can create,
It will help prolong his fate.
This artist seeks to challenge God,
And everything he's known.
He wants to make a new facade,
And it will be his own
Carefully, he does his job,
Sculpting in the painted knob...
He'll live in each and every mind,
That gaze upon the piece.
With every stroke so well refined,
His life will never cease.
How can this artist's mind explore,
The world beyond the painted door?
His family found the attic bare,
With no one to be found.
The finished painting sitting there,
Tipped over on the ground...
The painted door was open wide,
A mirror on the other side
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 1 4
A Bit of Worth
Of every resource on the earth
What one will always last?
What will always have a worth,
And always travel fast?
Look outside, and see the land,
And look across the ground.
What will be in high demand,
And have no upper bound ?
The information's limitless.
So much to learn and store.
From every single move in chess,
To every single war.
And every single written word,
From every person's ink.
And then you'll see what has occurred.
The earth can only shrink.
Take every bit, connect it all,
And send it through the air.
A little outlet in a wall,
and everyone can share.
Everyone can stand and yell,
And everyone can hear.
Everyone can buy and sell,
Both far away, and near.
Consider this, and this is odd.
If all is stored and seen...
We have made a kind of God,
In our computer screen.
But inside the computer's "head"
It's always worth the same.
Every bit that's seen and read
Is just a file and name.
Everything that we've achieved.
And everything we've done...
Will always have to be perceived
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 0 3
Juggler Boy
He learned to juggle as a boy,
With nothing else to do.
This inexpensive little toy,
Was all he ever knew.
He started throwing only three,
But worked it up to five.
As a kid, he still could see,
It made him feel alive.
Like life itself, you had to track,
Each goal, and task, and ball.
Like life itself, if you stood back,
There's order in it all.
Coordinated patterned dance.
A beat, a pulse, a flow.
The juggler boy was in a trance,
With every catch and throw.
When this boy became a teen,
He thought about his worth.
If his skill is never seen,
Then why exist on earth?
The juggler boy, he hit the streets.
No passers by would stay.
He suffered many more defeats,
With very little pay.
It's not about the money now,
It's all about the crowd.
He wants to take that humble bow,
And hear them clapping loud.
With every show, he quickly found,
His act was not prepared.
Bowing fast, to not a sound,
He knew they never cared.
It seems he needed loving eyes,
That only parents own.
The kind that shine w
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 5 1
Mature content
The Master's Voice :iconaceospades:AceOSpades 20 5
Trapped Between The Mirrors
There's a place where you can go,
Where time will never be.
A place where giant mirrors glow.
That few will get to see.
A scientist is working there,
Still toiling on his quest.
And if you step into his lair.
Then you will be a test.
Photos burn, and humans age,
And time will never halt.
But what if he could make a cage,
That time could not assault?
Step up on the platform here,
So high above the ground.
You can see yourself so clear,
In mirrors all around.
But with the mirrors angled right,
He makes an image beam.
Your form is in a streak of light,
In every little gleam.
And as it moves around the room,
Through such a complex maze.
Steam shoots out in quite a plume.
The platform starts to raise.
At the sides, two mirrors turn,
And face each other square.
And you, with all your mortal skin,
Are carried far from there.
These two mirrors showing you,
A perfect mirrored dance.
A little spot in space to view,
where time cannot advance.
When you die, remember how,
You were so young and vain
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 3 4
Hikikomori Sunset
Children starving far away,
And we could save them all.
But I want to spend the day,
Just staring at the wall.
What is time, and what is space,
And is there really fate?
Inside this moving, static place,
I simply choose to wait.
Can a human fate just be,
A living null result?
Am I choosing to be me,
A lifeless young adult?
There's comfort in a life so small,
With edges set so well.
Every single heavy wall,
Secures me in my shell.
Every wall so hard and gray,
Except the special one.
I got an artist here one day,
To paint a setting sun.
And with my nature kept inside,
With beauty standing still.
The chaos of the world can hide,
Like sun behind a hill.
Perhaps this is the coward's way,
To try and turn and run.
But if I'm here, I get to stay,
And watch the setting sun.
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 4 6

Random Favourites

I call my friends "frontstabbers" because I'm always looking back.
My lazy eyes and complacent heart
take the wheel from bewildered cerebrum.
Interrogation proves it all,
that what "seems" isn't necessarily truth on the
tongues of the convicted.
                                                                  ( Is it physical?
                                                                       or Is it verbal?
Guilty until proven dead-to-you.
There's nothing I can apologize for
that I haven't already confessed through hoarse throat
and broken-up sentences.
but this, I have no business in saying?
All signs point to adultery.
(Open up, come on out, game's over, I've been had)
You've beaten me at my own twisted way of thinking.
In my heart-of-hearts, urgency speaks to spill.
Nowhere in my nonsensical rambling do the words-
"I can go on without you," seep through clenched teeth.
Forever doesn't seem to carry on with this one at my side,
nor does beauty seem to e
:iconlike-roses-2-wraiths:like-roses-2-wraiths 7 5
all she speak of :iconwerethylacine:werethylacine 1 6
Slow down, take a breath and wipe your eyes
Allow yourself to see
There are no straight lines
That help you to rush
To where you want to be.
In the winding path, that mystic old pattern
You'll reveal what is  for you
Look down at your feet
Get rid of those shoes
And feel just where you tread.
Find your own pace, look around, meditate your way
And as soon as you trust that sinuous line
It will allow you to enter
The only place you can ever unwind:
You'll find yourself at the center.
:iconoracleglass:OracleGlass 3 7
tut tut tut
"The number you've called is not available at present."
tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut
«Hello. From Family xyz there is only the hamster at home at the moment… »
tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut
"Hello?" "Hello my name is .. I'm calling from the company Top Tip Nord."
CLICK: The words are pouring out of my mouth like an endless chain of polished plastic beads, interrupted only by the angrily tired replies:
"We are not interested!"
"Call somebody else!"
"I have barely enough money to live!"
A baby crying in the background.
A woman sobbing on the phone:
          "No he is not there! He died! Why can't you lot leave me alone?!"
As the dialer sends my voice across the country
my body still stuck on that chair
my mind is free to wander  and I
think of you think of you think of you think of you think of you think of you
And it helps me to weave a smile in my voice.
And it he
:iconoracleglass:OracleGlass 3 12
Lustful Hell
Run just a little faster
and maybe you'll succeed
Sorry, you're too late and now you belong to me
No matter how hard you try
You're still going to die
My claws squeeze the life from your tired body
Stop running girl, for others are why you're here
No one can help you now, you're all alone
Silly girl,you alone are why you're here
Fate is what brought us together
Here with me is where you'll stay
I'll soon know you, body and soul
Forget it, there's nowhere to go
I am your fears, come to life
Now I, for different reasons, keep you from sleep
Let me know you inside and out
Grant me access into your domain
It'll be over before you know it
Your not leaving, so let me have you
I'd much rather not kill you
but will if you keep fighting
I like that look you're sending my way
Anger suits you well
Now let this dance of ours begin
while upon your body I commit a sin
:iconcat-of-lonlyness:cat-of-lonlyness 1 5
Red me :iconiced-tee:Iced-Tee 1 5 HOW DARE YOU... :iconminuitserenite:minuitserenite 11 11
MassMarket Romance
In an excited tone, the Friend advised
"This is the best thing you'll ever buy!
I'm telling you, Girl, this is ace!
Get one now; you just can't wait!"
The Girl just gave a little shrug;
"My mother already got me one.
She said we couldn't pass this up-
She wants me to find true love."
"If you have one, why don't you wear it?"
"I haven't bothered to prepare it."
"I don't see why; it's not that hard,
And it's really worth it! It's never wrong!"
The Girl didn't bother to reply;
The Friend would never understand why.
The Girl had taken some psychology,
And knew something of human fallacy,
And if these watches measured love
Was it still something to be sure of?
Just because of a little beep,
Was that a sign of  "This is meant to be!"?
Over the months, Hers remained untouched;
Version 2 came out and sold so much
That the company developed Version 3,
Loaded with more true love necessities.
As the watches' stock shot up in price,
The Girl finally met A Guy;
She bumped into Him at the mall,
:icontenshimei:tenshimei 1 4
Glass Man
There once was a day when I took a walk
At 10 the morning crowd began to flock
So I stayed away and instead explored
The interior walls of a mysterious store
Once inside, a curious man
Approached where I stood and held out his hand
His left eye was glass, and it shone in the light
Something about him was not normal, not right
I took what he held, a mystical thing
A bottle of something with two attached rings
I payed him the money, and got my butt out
Away from the creepy man, quiet and stout
The bottle forgotten, I got bored and went home
Leaving the small jar still wrapped up in foam
Til hours later when it was finally let free
The shape of a heart, shining unstoppably
The wondering sensation overpowered my body
I pulled open the cork, old and quite shotty
Inside it I found your photograph
"A practical joke" I said with a laugh
But also inside was an ancient note
Where, in old scrawl writing, someone had wrote:
"One ring shall go to the owner of the jar.
The other to the one in the pi
:iconaluminumheart:AluminumHeart 1 7
The Beauty of Faith
How would you know if I've lied to you
Perhaps no phrase I've ever told you was true
My name could be Sally and my hair could be blonde
Every penny I told you I owned could be gone
I've told you I love you many a time
But was it the truth or was it a lie
I claim you're my friend and I claim that I care
I claim that I see you and love all that's there
If there was a day where I confessed and came clean
Revealed hundreds of secrets that before were unseen
Would you love me the same, would I still hold your trust
Or would friendship be gone, with all traces of lust
Of course you would hate me, not speaking again
It takes one insane to call that a friend
It's today that I realized the beauty of faith
And how trust, if broken, can turn friend into wraith
So I want you to know, to quite understand
That you hold my confidence, there in your hand
And if you're to drop it, or crush it, and such
...I'd probably forgive you, I love you that much
:iconaluminumheart:AluminumHeart 11 33
The Little Whore
the little whore stood
her eyes fixed down
(aside from brief glances at me)
as my thoughts raced around
but as i stopped to inspect her
she looked up and met my gaze
and my anger suddenly spiked
as i looked into her face
i had  kept her out of sight for a brief while
but she was difficult to forget
i sometimes reveled in her company
she was my (secret) little pet
but now i was tired of my silent companion
disgusted by the sway of her hips
i felt revolted by her shadowed eyes
sickened by her painted lips
i had done well in keeping her secret
amusing myself with her for short times
no one would ever have suspected
that something like her could be mine
i had her under my control
but sometimes i would see
that her subordination occasionally gave her
power over me
i could paint her up or dress her down
make her anything i wanted
she was my living doll (hidden from the world)
that always kept me haunted
and as i thought of her now
(my private downfall and my secret pride)
i was fac
:icontenshimei:tenshimei 4 6
Mature content
Cut above the edge, I thought :iconaegeaneyelash:Aegeaneyelash 11 45
Rose :iconanathu:Anathu 3 12 Always Be Prepared. :icontenshimei:tenshimei 1 3
Scar of an Empty Heart
Walking thru the damp and dark hallway
The feeling of silk and slime
Making a splash with each step
With the sound of hollow winds
Hearing whispers from the walls
Almost making out words
Small blades of light shining thru
Shades of red flash from the holes
As you make your way down the hallway
You find yourself in a large chamber
All lit up, red everywhere you look
The strong smell of blood in the distance
The echo of beats all around you
Asking yourself out loud, "Where am I?"
Between the pounding you here a voice
Insider shouts "Is that you?"
You say back "Am I who?"
Insider gets closer and says "Ahh. I thought that was you"
Wondering what he meant by that
You say back "How do you know me"
He says "Because I have been watching you from in here"
You ask "But where is this?"
He says "You're inside his heart"
You ask "Whose heart?
He says "Look around you notice anything with the lights?"
You look up and see that all the slits of light have made a name
As you make out the name, you real
:iconbright-darkness-:Bright-Darkness- 1 2


I've written 21 poems since I've last posted on deviantart.

My little corner of this community kind of died out a long time ago, but the occasional rogue poem still gets a bit of attention here and there. In a place where poetry is completely shunned in favor of visual art, even the slightest bit of validation is worthwhile.

Anyway, just because I think I should, I'm updating the library with those 21 poems. There's no set schedule, they're going to roll in slowly as I get around to them. You won't get more than one per day, so I won't bombard your inboxes if you're devwatching me.

But if you're wondering where I've been, this is your chance to catch up.


Current Residence: Toronto
Favourite genre of music: no fucking rap.
Favourite photographer: ...don't have one
Favourite style of art: ...whatever works
Operating System: MAC OS X.6.something
MP3 player of choice: my ipod :P
Shell of choice: half shell
Wallpaper of choice: The yellow wallpaper
Skin of choice: Frederica Bimmel's
Favourite cartoon character: marvin the martian!
Personal Quote: "The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close up"


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